Bangtan in LA

hoseok: what the fuck oh shit

jeongguk: god they’re gonna kill us right

v: okay but why

suga: this don’t have swag suga need swag rn

jimin: they’re gonna kill my kookie right oh my god not my kookie stay strong kookie jimin is here i’m right beside you

jeongguk: pls don’t kill me take jimin instead pls

jin: i’m too fab for this ain’t staying in this room. so many germs.

jhope: we’re so dead i don’t wanna die oh my god i can’t do this i wanna cry but i can’t oh shit oh shit

v: keep cool they just jealous

jeongguk: okay no don’t kill jimin i love him jimin i love you pls help me hyung pls i wanna go home pls jimin help me

jimin: gotta stay calm for my kookie